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Texas Umbrella Insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in Texas

Umbrella policies can provide excess limits when an underlying limit has exhausted itself. Most underlying limits consist of your Homeowners and your Auto.

You have a nice home, two cars and steady jobs. Life is good. All liability insurance has maximum limits. What happens if you ever need to go over your home, auto, motorcycle, boat or other kinds of policy liability limits? That is where umbrella insurance comes in. An umbrella policy can provide an additional layer of protection, giving you broader coverage if you’re sued and peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

For some families, it is an essential level of insurance that goes beyond what your policies cover. An overarching umbrella policy takes effect as soon as your liability coverage from any of your underlying insurance policies is maxed out.

In most cases, it will usually involve gross negligence on the part of someone on your policy, which then either results in extreme medical bills and/or a lawsuit. The gross negligence could involve an auto or boating accident, an unsafe part of your home or Texas property that results in an injury or death (including swimming pools), or something similar.

Let’s consider an example:

  • You have maximum liability coverage of $250,000 on your auto insurance policy.
  • Someone on your policy commits an act of gross negligence (though not criminal – criminal activity is never covered) and seriously injures someone that causes damages in $450,000 ($200,000 over your max coverage)
  • Your umbrella policy would kick in and cover you for that additional $200,000. This may include legal fees, medical bills and other hardships suffered by the injured party.

Hastings Insurance Agency, we will be honest in letting you know if Umbrella Insurance makes sense for your family. Speak with our Texas team to learn how to get started. We are ready to get you covered.


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