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3 Reasons Why You Need Flood Insurance

Water damage is nothing to mess with. Flooding is devastating and often hits with very little to no warning. Even those who are not living in a flood plain need flood insurance.

Why do I need flood insurance, and what does it cover?

If you live near the water, it’s an easy decision to look for good flood insurance. But, what if you are located several miles away from the threat of a hurricane or rising river, like the people of Tomball, TX?

What if I don’t even live in a flood plain. Won’t my home insurance cover flood damage?

Even if you have flood insurance, be sure to understand the terms. Not all water damage is covered. The experts at Great Southern Agency know that the truth is everyone needs flood insurance.

Here are 3 reasons why you need flood insurance.

  1. Protects Property – Your home is probably the most costly investment you have. It only makes sense to make sure it is protected from any damage including flood. Flood insurance will usually cover damage to roofs, walls, floors, and permanent fixtures.
  2. Protects Your Family – Your home should be a place that family members feel safe. If flooding wipes out the house, they will no longer have a home.
  3. Peace of Mind – Some things are more than financial worries. A flood can happen with no warning. Water damage can be devastating destroying everything inside the house. If you are covered with flood insurance, you will never have to worry.

Even if you currently have flood insurance, it may be time to go over your policy to make sure it will cover what you think it covers. Contact Great Southern Agency serving Tomball, TX to get the facts about flood insurance.