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4 Benefits of renters insurance

Have you ever assessed the value of the assets you have and what can transpire if unexpected peril strikes and they get damaged or stolen? Can you afford to replace them? If not, purchasing solidified renters insurance at Great Southern Agency is paramount. If you rent a home in Tomball, TX your space and belongings will require a prolific insurance policy to boost your safety. Unfortunately, many Tomball, TX residents ignore the investment of renters insurance with the belief that their landlord’s homeowners policy covers their personal property. Renters insurance provides a tenant with peace of mind that it will safeguard their property in the event of a covered peril. Please speak with our reputable agents at Great Southern Agency, and they will help you customize a renters’ insurance meeting your needs and budget. Keep reading to establish why renters insurance is of absolute necessity.

Investing in renters insurance in Tomball, TX is a prudent idea for any tenant because it’s a worthwhile asset that harbors the following benefits:

Protect personal property

It’s paramount for any tenant to understand that your landlord is not financially liable if a calamity strikes and ravages your belongings. Therefore, buying personal property coverage is crucial because it safeguards your possessions such as electronics, clothing, and furniture from imminent perils like theft and hailstorm. It pays for the cost of repair or replacement.

Liability protection

What transpires if a visitor residing on your premises trips and falls, breaking his arm or leg? Paying medical expenses out-of-pocket may be expensive. Worry not because purchasing liability coverage from Great Southern Agency safeguards you against imminent lawsuits, physical injuries, or property damage propagated by you or your family members to third parties.

Provision of additional living expenses: It’s imperative to understand that unforeseen events can relegate you to homelessness as a Tomball, TX resident after your rented apartment gets destroyed. Luckily, loss of use coverage comes to your rescue and caters to additional expenses and hotel bills if your condominium becomes uninhabitable and you reside elsewhere.

Offers medical payments coverage: It reimburses costs for reasonable medical bills if a visitor residing on your premises gets incapacitated, regardless of who is legally deemed responsible.

Do you want to gain peace of mind in Tomball, TX, which comes with guaranteed protection of yourself and your rented apartment? Contact us today at Great Southern Agency for a competitive renters’ insurance quote.