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Why Should I Purchase Boat Insurance in Texas?

While Texas doesn’t require boaters to have insurance, it’s worthwhile to have it because unexpected events happen. At Hastings Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater Tomball, TX community, we can help you get the right boater’s insurance.

Coverage for Medical Expenses

A standard policy with a bodily injury clause will cover the medical expenses up to policy limits if your boat injures another boater, for example. You can also get coverage for medical expenses for you and your passengers should there be an occurrence on your boat that requires medical attention. 

Help With Fuel Spills and Property Damage

And property liability would cover you if, for instance, your boat damaged the fence around a shoreline home. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says that the owner or operator of a boat or anyone who causes, allows or permits a fuel/oil spill is responsible for paying cleanup costs.

If you had a boat insurance policy with a spill endorsement, you might be spared the out-of-pocket cleanup costs minus your deductible. In another unwanted scenario, what if your boat was in a collision and it sunk? If you had a boat insurance policy with a clause governing recovery, you’d probably be spared most of the high cost of pulling your vessel from the water.

Boat Towing

And if your boat became disabled, a roadside assistance clause would allow for it to be towed to a repair shop. Perhaps you carry fishing gear, scuba/snorkeling or other equipment on your boat. With a personal effects clause, these items would be covered if they were damaged or stolen up to the policy limits.

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