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How Umbrella Insurance Works

When you have auto and home insurance already, you might not have all of the protection you need to keep you from being financially vulnerable. It’s a good idea to have an umbrella insurance policy in order to leave yourself better protected in the event of an accident. When you want to be well-protected, call us today at Great Southern Agency in Tomball, TX to learn more about umbrella insurance and to get started. 

Umbrella Insurance and Liability

When you own a home and a vehicle, you have liability for certain accidents that can happen. In your home, it’s possible for a third party to come to your home and to have an accident there that leaves them injured, and you would be liable for their medical bills. In your vehicle, auto accidents are common, and you are liable for paying for the medical bills of those who are injured when you are at fault for the accident. Umbrella insurance adds liability coverage onto both of these policies so that you are better protected against both of these types of accidents with just one policy. 

Insurance Payments

When there is an accident in your vehicle or in your home, and you are liable for paying for someone’s injuries, your home or auto policy will come into the picture first. The home or auto policy will pay for the resulting bills up to its stated maximum payment amount. After that, your umbrella policy will step in to pay what is left over so that you aren’t left holding the bill for overages. This can save you a lot of money with better liability coverage.

Get Your Umbrella Policy

If you want to be better covered for liability, it’s smart to have umbrella insurance. Call us at Great Southern Agency in Tomball, TX.