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Will flood insurance cover my damaged car?

Understanding the Intricacies of Insurance: Homeowners and Flood Insurance

The labyrinth of insurance coverage can occasionally bewilder even the savviest of individuals. At times, the scopes of homeowners and flood insurance tend to overlap, creating confusion about which policy applies in specific scenarios. Here at Hastings Insurance Agency LLC, we are committed to clarifying such perplexing situations for residents of Tomball, TX.

What does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance primarily pays for repairing, replacing, or rebuilding your belongings after flood damage. It covers the losses of your physical property, including your home, appliances, clothing, and multiple other items. The insurance also finances necessary modifications like plumbing, electrical systems, fixtures, foundation, sanitation, and more.

Will Flood Insurance Cover My Flood-Damaged Car?

Intriguingly, while created to safeguard your property and personal items, flood insurance does not extend to your flood-damaged car. One might intuitively consider the scope of flood insurance to overlap with auto insurance, but that is not the case. Comprehensive auto insurance steps in here, providing adequate flood insurance coverage for your car.

Only holding comprehensive auto insurance ensures you get compensated for the flood damages to your car. A simple liability coverage does not protect your vehicle from flood damage. However, comprehensive coverage provides protection against such unforeseen situations, besides many others.

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