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Can Umbrella Insurance Really Protect Me?

Insurance protects individuals against many things that can happen, such as fire, accidents, lawsuits, and more. However, sometimes insurance policies are not enough to cover all the costs associated with a claim. More and more people in Tomball TX choose to purchase umbrella insurance coverage, which protects them against the costs involved with a claim that basic insurance policies do not cover. Umbrella insurance can protect you, and the agents at Great Southern Agency can explain how. 

What Is Umbrella Insurance Coverage? 

To fully understand if umbrella insurance can protect you, you must first know what an umbrella, insurance policy is and what it covers. Umbrella insurance is an add-on policy to your existing liability insurance coverage. This policy comes into play when you reach the limits of your liability coverage on home or auto insurance. For example, when a claim is filed, your primary insurance policy only covers so much, the umbrella policy will cover and pay for the remaining balance. 

How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Me? 

Umbrella insurance can protect you financially and protect all of your assets. For example, when a lawsuit or claim is filed against you, your umbrella insurance policy covers what your primary insurance plan does not. If you did not have umbrella insurance, you would be financially responsible for the amount of money you are liable for that your insurance company does not pay. 

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover? 

Umbrella insurance offers additional coverage protecting against claims where you are found liable. Coverage includes bodily injury to others and damage to another person’s property.

Umbrella insurance can help protect Tomball, TX residents against financial responsibility associated with claims where they are held liable. The experts at Great Southern Agency can provide additional information as to how umbrella insurance coverage can protect you and your assets.