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Why Texas Residents Need Boat Insurance While They’re Out On The Water

Great Southern Agency provides coverage to the Tomball, TX community. We believe that hospitality and making our clients feel welcome makes a huge difference. We offer flexible policies designed to meet the needs of our clients in every situation. For over 30 years, we have helped our clients find the coverage they need to protect what matters most. We are confident that we can help you protect your assets.

Why Texas Residents Need Boat Insurance

Boating is a popular hobby throughout Tomball, TX. On warm summer days, many residents enjoy going out on the water and having fun with friends and family. However, it’s important that you have some protection while you’re out on the water. Accidents can occur at any time. That’s why boat insurance is an asset. Boat insurance covers multiple types of boats, so you should be able to find a policy that aligns with your needs. The terms of your policy may differ depending on whether you have a traditional watercraft, sailboat, or powerboat.  

Boat insurance covers you if the boat sustains damage or somebody vandalizes it. Most of your personal items on the boat are covered if there are damaged. However, you may need to amend your policy if you have special accessories attached to your boat such as an anchor. Liability coverage protects your boat from accidentally causing damage to someone else’s property. You are also covered if one of the guests on your boat is injured. Pay attention to the policy’s navigational limits. The navigational limits outline the places that you are allowed to sail and still remain covered.

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