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Protect Your Possessions While You Rent

With the current high cost of real estate, many people are choosing to rent to save on housing expenses. However, your possessions are not covered by the insurance held by your landlord. Renters insurance has been designed to offer insurance protection for your possessions while you rent your housing.  At Great Southern Agency, serving the greater Tomball, TX community, we offer renters insurance for Texas residents.

Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Many individuals feel they don’t have enough possessions to justify the cost of renters insurance, but the fact is, you probably have more material goods than you realize, and replacing them all would be a burdensome expense. Other renters believe their possessions are covered under their landlord’s general insurance policy, but this is not the case.

Renters insurance offers protection for a wide range of items and also provides some liability coverage if anyone is injured while visiting your property, as well as alternate housing coverage if you need to live elsewhere while your apartment is being repaired. The policies provide this coverage at a very reasonable price.

Two Types of Renters Insurance Offer A Choice

You can choose between an “actual cash value” policy or a “replacement cost” policy. Actual cash value policies pay for your possession minus the depreciation due to age and wear-and-tear of normal usage. A replacement cost policy pays the amount to replace your possession at today’s cost. Replacement cost policies are more expensive but are worth the cost to restore your possessions after an event. 

Choose Great Southern Agency For Your Renters Insurance Coverage

You may have questions about renters insurance and how it can help you recover from a damaging event. Our trained insurance professionals in Tomball, TX can answer your questions and ensure you have the coverage you need. Contact Great Southern Agency today for a no-obligation quote on renters insurance that can help minimize losses from unexpected damage.